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By using MemoriesCreators services you agree to:

You as a user:

- Take full responsibility for any issue related to copyrights on the photos or video footages you provide us to create for you, any video production or album print. We are only responsible for copyrights issues for the photos or footages we add from our own sources

into your order.

- You must never provide or make an order for slideshow creation or album print services

that may content any racial, religion or individual discrimination or hate in any form, or any form of nude, sexual or obscene photos or video footages, or any subject that may violate any law of the national or federal institutions of United State or any country in the world.

IN THE CASE you provide any info, photos or video footage that violate any or ours terms of use, we, MemoriesCreators reserve the full right to reject your order at any time, without any explanation of our decition. 

Us as a company

We are responsible ONLY for provide our clients the service we offer. We never are responsible for any copyright complaint or issue, neither any wrong use our clients did

with the material or final product we provide.  

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